Joining EweMove Felt Like Going Home

Posted 04 May 2023
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Born into a family of property developers, architects and more, Katie Sykes has understood the intricacies of the property industry for as long as she can remember. But at a time before EweMove, her family was forced to endure poor service and inconsistent results from the agents and suppliers that would consistently fail to provide smooth, enjoyable experiences. So, since deciding to set the standards herself with her keen eye for not just what, but who makes a business special, Katie has been a trusted figure in the property industry for 17 years.

By becoming an estate agent clients could trust to receive a second-to-none experience, Katie has enjoyed an incredibly successful career in various roles in the property industry. Now, as she nears her first-year anniversary with the UK’s most trusted hybrid estate agency, she feels like she has finally “walked home”. A key decision maker in EweMove’s recruitment team as a Franchise Recruitment Executive, Katie is helping nurture the growth and development of a brand that is fast approaching becoming the UK’s largest single brand property company.

“The last year has gone so fast – I love it here!” said Katie. “I’ve seen it all throughout my career. I’ve worked for corporate brands that forget the human element of their service and I’ve also worked in brands that have completely lost sight of operating in a results-driven industry. EweMove truly is the only property franchise that has found the perfect balance - I’m delighted to have the opportunity to join a team where we live and breathe the culture. Having owned and successfully scaled my own estate agency, I know how to identify industry-leading brands that aren’t scared of breaking the mould.

“The best thing about being a part of such an innovative and progressive brand is that my voice is always heard. The team is so creative and passionate, so if we ever have an idea, we know it will be considered and weaved into the makeup of the business model if it works. Put simply, everyone’s incredibly supportive, likeminded and driven by the brand’s mission.”

Founded in 2013, EweMove introduced the United Kingdom to the local hybrid estate agency model, with local property managers being supported by a national operations centre called ‘The Sheep Pen’.

“I feel so well placed in The Sheep Pen. The team nurtures your passions and loves hearing about you as the person as well as the professional. They care so much about work-life balance - there’s no expectation to run yourself into the ground, but we all love what we do, so it never feels like work anyway!

“My sole role is to help put prospects on the right path and to identify if a partnership would be a good fit for us and them. It’s all about the people. It’s incredible to be a part of a brand and team that’s affirming the proof of concept and putting service ahead of anything else - it’s visibly forging a better future for the entire property industry.”

Today, a network of almost 200 franchisees operates across the United Kingdom. The unique branding, which appeals to those fed up with the norm, has established EweMove as a strong voice in a crowded market, leading to the franchise receiving over 17,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot. With each franchise territory licensed to reach a minimum of 20,000 houses, EweMove franchisees are well equipped to become profitable at a consistent rate. This, along with strong branding attached to their successful operations, has enabled the estate agency to become universally known for being a trailblazer in the industry.

“What we charge per month isn’t even close to the flat rate of competitors. It makes no sense to go it alone when a brand like EweMove exists. If I had the opportunity, I’d be a franchisee for sure, but this role is so rewarding. I’m so thankful to The Sheep Pen for saving me from working in roles that I didn’t realise were actually hindering my career! Prospects with a range of experience are recognising that as well – only made better by the fact that we operate in an evergreen industry – everyone needs shelter! Less than 10% of EweMove’s network is made up of people with previous experience in estate agency. It’s taking entrepreneurs from all walks of life less than 48 hours to realise the potential of being a franchisee here – it’s certainly never too late!”

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Katie has been instrumental in ensuring EweMove’s flock is well equipped to continue providing outstanding levels of service to more clients. Understanding that a franchise is successful because of its people as much as its model, she is helping to keep EweMove on target for growth by welcoming more ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs into the network.

“Since I joined, over 40 new franchisees signed up with us and we’re projected for 40 more in 2023 – that’ll take us far beyond our benchmark of becoming the largest property company in the UK. While The Sheep Pen is a collective and we have fun, we’re an incredibly well-oiled machine. The frontline franchisee support team are ideal marketeers and very tech focused, while the behind-the-scenes team have a real understanding of people and culture. It’s this attention to detail that’s driving the business as well as futureproofing it as our team grows with the franchise network.

“I can’t wait to see us officially become the UK’s largest single brand property company and I know I’ll have the chance to evolve alongside the business with my role.”

Call today to speak with Katie and see how your future could be different by being part of the EweMove network, call 01274 888 788

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