What we offer
Great support
Success Stories
Our franchisees know we are with them every step of the way to guide them on many things, including marketing, compliance, lead generation and every aspect of running a successful estate agency.
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Ongoing Training
The best-equipped agents are the best informed, and that's why we spend so much time ensuring our franchisees benefit from education and training.
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Great Community
Becoming a EweMove business owner allows you to dive deep into a knowledge pool that more than 190 other franchisees contribute to and share their learnings and experiences.
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Facebook Group
Got a question? Chances are you'll find an answer based on experience within our super supportive franchisee only Facebook group.
Weekly Newsletter
Our popular Ewes of the World is a weekly round-up of best practices, success stories and inspirational ideas from across our franchisee network.
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Quarterly Meetings
Our regional gatherings of franchisees will start again as soon as guidelines allow - a great way to put faces to names, share best practice and hear from insightful speakers.
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Annual Conference
Our annual conference is a celebration of our franchisees' achievements – it features an award ceremony and an opportunity to meet up and share experiences with other franchisees.


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