I love running my own business!

Posted 26 May 2021

I love running my own business! The people side of the business is great, particularly educating them about how we sell houses in the modern day and why the EweMove proposition is so different.

My business is about helping people move on to whatever they may be doing next rather than the property, although my passion for property helps! I also enjoy the freedom of managing my own diary and working the hours I choose but it’s a little chaotic when I get busy.

My biggest achievement so far whilst running my EweMove franchise is selling a house for 82k more than another agents valuation!

The seller lived in France and trusted me to manage everything on his behalf. I had a real sense of achievement as the money was for his retirement so I felt a sense of pride that I managed to get the price I was pushing for.

The importance of following up and good communication is key to running a successful business. I follow up on everything – farming all opportunities as I live by the mantra “Follow up equals fortune”.

Also, creating great relationships with workmen and local companies to maximise your income through referrals.

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