The Fresh And Fun Approach To Doing Things Is Infectious

Posted 26 May 2021

Greg and Bev Sloane run the Shrewsbury Branch of EweMove.

"We have two young children and we both worked long days. Getting up early to drop them off at childcare and getting home just in time to put them to bed wasn’t what either of us wanted.

Our roles weren’t flexible enough. It was fine before the kids, but it just wasn’t working anymore and we’d had the desire to run our own business for a long time.

I thought, I work hard and like to see results, so why not see the benefits for my family, and myself rather than a big multi-national or my manager who seemed to enjoy a lot more rewards than me?

We looked at a number of different franchises, but as soon as I came across EweMove I knew it was the one! I liked that franchisees were selected through a process - by not just taking anyone, I knew they cared about their franchisees and their success.

Everyone I spoke to along the recruitment process was so open about everything, including potential earnings.

This was really helpful. If I was going to leave my current role I needed to know that I could sustain my current living standard and eventually improve it!

The best thing about EweMove for me is the support. We looked at other franchises and felt that we’d be left to it once the initial training was over but this isn’t the case with EweMove.

There’s daily support from the team in HQ and the other lovely franchisees. You can tell that everyone wants to help because they genuinely care about each other’s success.

And because EweMove is a relatively new franchise they aren’t stuck in old ways. The HQ team are constantly working to improve our marketing, systems and brand recognition - their fresh and fun approach to doing things is infectious."

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